Marisafe based in Świnoujście, is as a daughter company of Navikon Polish Ship & Offshore Yard .

The purposes of the company are:

  • Servicing and certification of lifeboats and launching appliances in accordance to MSC1/Circ. 1206
  • Load test of lifting equipment including cranes, derricks, lifeboats, davits etc. on board and ashore.
  • Reinstatement of above equipment.

Servicing of Lifeboat and Launching Appliances


  • Annual servicing

During the annual service, all components of the lifeboat and the launching device are thoroughly inspected and serviced with special care to winch brakes and release system.

  • Five yearly servicing

During the five-yearly servicing, the lifeboats are brought to our workshop for an in-depth survey and maintenance. Lifting hooks and suspension brackets are dismantled for inspection and cleaning. Lifeboat and davit are subjected to a load test equal to 1.1 times the weight of the craft with its full complement of persons and equipment.

  • Repairs of Lifeboats and Launching Appliances

Marisafe Ltd offers repairs of defects of lifeboats and launching appliances found during the servicing. After completion of the repairs, the vessel will receive a clean certificate for lifeboats and launching appliances.

  • Polyester Repairs (GRP)

Marisafe Ltd is capable of performing GRP repairs on lifeboats.

  • Load testing

Marisafe Ltd provides a full range of load testing services for a variety of lifting installations such as:

  • Cargo cranes and derricks
  • Lifeboat, liferaft and rescue boat davits
  • Provisions cranes
  • Bunker davits
  • Engine room cranes
  • Chainblocks, slings and shackles