Marisafe based in Świnoujście, is as a daughter company of Navikon Polish Ship & Offshore Yard .

The purposes of the company are:

  • Servicing and certification of lifeboats and launching appliances in accordance to MSC1/Circ. 1206
  • Load test of lifting equipment including cranes, derricks, lifeboats, davits etc. on board and ashore.
  • Reinstatement of above equipment.

A dedicated GRP repair shop has been installed in our workshop. Marisafe is capable of performing any GRP repair on lifeboats. Small damages can be easily fixed but also big repairs to lifeboat’s hull and canopy,
can be fully restored to original condition.

All GRP repairs are performed under controlled atmospheric conditions with particular regard to
temperature and humidity.
Only high performance products are used to provide the best possible repair.
Our storage of these products is also kept under strict atmospheric conditions to ensure the characteristics
of all components are maintained throughout.

A team of highly experienced craftsmen are ready to restore any type of damage to its original condition,
as new.